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Pancasila as the Fundamental Basic of Our National Life

Pancasila as the Fundamental Basic of Our National Life

Mahreta Adi Kuncoro

Pancasila is our national ideology

Pancasila is the philosophical basic for the foundation of independent Indonesia. Prescribed in the Indonesian Constitution, it has been an immovable foundation of Indonesia since independence. Pancasila consists of five inseparable and mutually qualifying principles:

1) belief in the One and Only God

2) just and civilized humanity

3) the unity of Indonesia

4) democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of deliberations

amongst representatives

5) social justice for all the Indonesian people.

Pancasila as the fundamental basic of our national life is the philosophical terminology, and it was represented in the abstract formulation from the five basic principal of Indonesia. Pancasila is not a political concept, but it is the result of deeply soul contemplation which based on the broad knowledge and experience. Besides that it is the open-minded ideology to attract, influence and respond the national development as well as international proactively and it must reflect and represent the objective reality thoughts which simultaneously develop in the daily social life.

George McTurner Kahin in Nationalism and Revolution frankly admires the Pancasila Ideology which so-called “The Best Exposition of the History I ever seen” Because of the equal right for every relegion.

Basically, every nation has its own national background and the state ideology that should be appropriate with it accordingly, Indonesia for instance it has many islands with diversities of culture, historical background, and the language and Pancasila initially as the soul manifestation from it. And this paper will explain briefly about the first principal of Pancasila “Belief in the One and Only God”

Belief in the One and Only God

Allah SWT said in Qur’an

We have created you from male and female and made into nations and tribes that you may know each other verily, the most honored you in the sight of Allah

The first principal “Belief in the one and only God” has several purposes:

  1. Realizing the absolute power of God
  2. Guaranteeing all inhabitants to embrace the chosen religion
  3. No force and coercion on inhabitants
  4. Having a religion tolerance values
  5. The government gives the facilitator to a religion growth

Religion is the fundamental basic of people in the world it is a torch in the gloomy night which enlighten every living things around it, I’ll envisage the position of science in the religion view, for example we want to go to the cave in the night automatically we have to bring along the torch as the main light of ours, The torch is the parable of religion and the five senses is the parable of science, We can see everything around us because of a torch and a vise versa,

The development in this country must be carried out by Pancasila people with a high spirit and a pure intention, besides that a religion is the source of motivation and behavioral inspiration in the individual and social life and eventually it is a life view consisting of moral teachings which inevitably can’t get rid of a surrounding society.

Religion has a double function, first as a motivation to grow the positive ethics and prevent the negative ethics. In the other side it functions as the physiological aspect to give a tranquility to a despondent heart, and prevent a flaring passion which would trespass the god order.

Religion also functions as a guidance for all human being, human development as a civil people is reflected in several values such as believing in god, having a good attitude, carrying out Islamic teachings, having a self-confidence, educated, open-minded and having a national consciousness.

If we trace back to a ‘polis state’ which built by Rasulullah we can witness that there are several religions and beliefs but they can life in a contiguous state because Al-Quran is a universal and as the people guidance which not only revealed to Islamic society but to all human being in the world

We have to realize that a human quality being a main concern to develop human resources, the success of building human characters will determine the human development as a whole.

Therefore the future of this country is utterly determined by the human quality particularly a young generation as the backbone of the nation. And we have to put a religion above everything. The use of science without regarding to the norms and moral aspect will bring about the moral abuses,

Finally Pancasila as the final and immovable ideology which absolutely appropriated with the historical background of Indonesia and hopefully these several diversities would not be a complicated problem but as the main factor to unite and to obtain the common goal of Indonesian people living in welfare and prosperity which colorized by the moral values and Islamic teachings.

Although we have a different background, different language, different culture, different accent, different experience but basically we have inherent similarities to build up the nation and uphold the norms and Islamic values.


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