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Good Governance

Good Governance


Good governance is inherently has a close relation with the government as the actor who implement every policies to the citizens. There are a lot of meaning and interpretation about what the good government is, but in my opinion that the crucial thing of good governance is on how the process of decision – making and by which the decisions and policies are well implemented. The government actually has a double function. First, focusing and concentrating on the power and the government administration. Second, the government is the actor which has to serve the citizens. This paper will describe briefly about what the government should be and how the government create the good governance for their citizens.

The characteristic of good governance

The government should have the 8 characters to create the good governance. The 8 characteristic of good governance are:

1. Participation

Participation is the important thing of good governance. It is the manifestation of democracy which the citizens play role in the government policies. Participation could be either direct or through legitimate intermediate institutions or representatives. Participation needs to be informed and organized to show that the government actually from the people, by the people and for the people.

2. Rule of Law

The government requires the legal rule to ease the government in governing the people and also as the full protection of human right for the people. The rule prevents the social disorder such as the violation of human right, the corrupted elites and also as the standard way of thinking of the people.

3. Transparency

Transparency means that decisions are taken based on the initial regulation. It also means that information is available and accessible for the people because the people actually as the object of the policies.

4. Responsiveness

Good governance requires that institutions should respond to the people aspirations.

5. Consensus oriented

There are several actors in a society. Good governance requires mediation or the means of the different interests in society. Each institution hopefully can contribute the input for the government acquiring from the people aspirations and then the government can create the broad and long – term perspective for the people.

6. Equity and inclusiveness

Every people in good governance have the equity of right and the welfare of state. A society’s well being depends on ensuring that all its members feel that they have a part in it and do not feel excluded from the mainstream of society.

7. Effectiveness and efficiency

Good governance means that processes and institutions have to produce the concrete results that fulfill the needs of society. The government also should cover the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of the environment. The government is to maintain and preserve the natural resources as the unrenewable resources for the people interests.

8. Accountability

Accountability is a key point of good governance. Not only the governmental institution but also the private sector and civil society must be accountable to the public and the government. Basically, the people, institutions, and the government should hand in hand to create the good governance and it is not just merely the responsibility of the government stakeholder but every single of people who live in the country.


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